Kim Kardashian — Once a Fame Hog, Always a Fame Hog? (VIDEO)

The Kardashians

Kim Kardashian — Once a Fame Hog, Always a Fame Hog? (VIDEO)

No surprise: Kim Kardashian’s always enjoyed the limelight — even way back in eighth grade. In a clip recently released from the vault of forgotten footage/we’ll use anything until those photos of North West show up, Kim celebrates her graduation from middle school.

Sporting a chic short haircut and her old nose, the teen queen “borrows” the mic to tell the camera what she thinks about this next chapter in her life. And so it begins.

Amid a flurry of hormones and hairspray, Kim drops some mad rhymes about being the “dopest on the ropest,” a lyric we’re sure boyfriend Kanye West has already worked into his next single.

Then there’s some grabbling over who gets to talk next (answer: Kim). “She doesn’t know what she’s talking about,” the future reality TV star says about a classmate. “I’m more popular than she is.” No argument there. Since most of the other kids have their faces blurred, we can only assume they didn’t shoot to stardom after appearing in their own sex tapes.

Next comes the dancing. Dear lord the dancing. With sister Kourtney and mom Kris looking on from the background, Kimmy shakes her groove thang...and her arms...and her head. True, we weren’t any better in middle school but there’s something disconcerting about Kim gyrating amidst tinsel.

Although a few years shy of worldwide fame, Kim already knows she’ll be a household name (see, we can rap too). With the camera all to herself, Kim signs off with a wish that everyone in her class gets a tape of the footage “so you can see when I’m famous and older and remember me as this beautiful little girl.”

Remember? You won’t let us forget.