Kim Kardashian’s Crazy Expensive Delivery Room Costs HOW Much?! Why?!
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The Kardashians

Kim Kardashian’s Crazy Expensive Delivery Room Costs HOW Much?! Why?!

Kim Kardashian is in the home stretch of her first pregnancy, and she and boyfriend Kanye West are getting everything ready to welcome their little one in July. The first order of business, of course, is labor and delivery!

We’ve heard some pretty over-the-top stories about the birth preparations the couple is making, but our jaws really dropped when we saw the price tag. What’s the going rate for a luxury labor and delivery suite? According to, Kim and Kanye will be dropping $3,000 a night!

“That’s going to be a big day for them and they want it to be extra special and perfect,” the site’s source said. “They want everything to go on without a hitch! It’s their first child together, and it’s an intense time for Kim especially, but Kanye is nervous too. Even though he’s excited for the baby, it hurts him to see Kim in all types of pain. He just wants everything to go smoothly for her.”

Actually, now that we think about it, 3k sounds like a lot to us, but to super celebs like Kim and Kanye? That’s a downright bargain. Even so, they aren’t picking an expensive birth plan just to be showy.

“They’re just doing it for privacy and security,” the insider added. “That’s the real reason why they’re doing it, so people won’t be trying to get all up in their space trying to look at the baby and everything. That’s not going to happen. Kanye really wants this to be a special moment. He’s about to have his first baby with Kim, and he wants to savor that moment and doesn’t want anything or anyone to mess it up!”

Awww, Kanye! What a sweetheart. It may sound like they're dropping too much green on this big event, but let's be real: Is there anything that's more worth splurging on? We think not.