Kim Kardashian is Furious Over Kanye West’s Control of Baby North’s PR — Report
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Kim Kardashian is Furious Over Kanye West’s Control of Baby North’s PR — Report

Kim Kardashian's absence from the spotlight for the past two months may have led fans to believe she’s been enjoying her time off and leisurely allowing Kanye West to take the reigns, but, according to a source close to Kim, her baby daddy's new role as PR director is making her nuts.

A source tells RadarOnline that Kim, who already has to deal with the constant pressure of Kris Jenner's momager tactics, is livid that Kanye is insisting he control all of the press regarding their daughter, North.

“Kim is getting really upset that Kanye has been taking over and making all of the public announcements about baby North,” claims the insider.

“She hasn’t been able to do anything. She didn’t announce that she was pregnant. She didn’t get to show off the baby first. Kanye is doing everything and it’s cause a huge power struggle between the two of them.”

While Kim has only been photographed by paparazzi twice since North’s birth in June, the source claims that, if it were up to her, she’d still be a tabloid fixture, and if it were up to Kanye, Kim and the baby wouldn’t be seen at all. To make matters worse, the tipster claims that Kanye is convinced that Kim set her own family up for a paparazzi ambush on both occasions — even at Kanye’s grandfather’s funeral.

“Kim likes having her picture taken and she knows that she has to do that in order to stay relevant and so she still keeps in touch with paps who can take her picture,” says the source.

“Kim wants to be in charge and so does Kanye and they’re constantly butting heads. She is a really strong woman and just because she had a baby with Kanye doesn’t mean she doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life and her daughter’s life.”

Source: RadarOnline