Kim Kardashian Guest Stars on a French Reality Series!
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Kim Kardashian Guest Stars on a French Reality Series!

If you’ve been concerned about US-French international relations (and really, who hasn’t been since Halle Berry started appearing in court), fear no longer. Kim Kardashian has extended the bejeweled hand of reality TV stardom to a crop of wannabe reality stars on the French show Les Anges. That’s “Angels” for our non-fluent readers.

In her episode, Kim appears cruising the residential streets of Miami in, what else, a gigantic black SUV.

“Bonjour,” she says upon exiting the car and meeting the show’s host, a Frenchified version of The Bacehlor/ette’s Chris Harrison. “That’s all I know how to say,” she adds with a giggle. This will be a problem.

The shady host escorts a clearly uncomfortable Kim to a rejected Real World: Miami set. Inside, the plumped, pruned, and pickled contestants eagerly await their surprise visitor.

Kim Kardashian Guest Stars on a French Reality Series!
Credit: YouTube    

“Kim Kardashian!” they scream as the door opens, proving once and for all that French accents make everything better.

One particularly tanned and let’s say enhanced contestant named Nabilla is especially broken up by the arrival of her idol. “I want to be you,” she says while Kim tries to hide “oh god please no” from flashing across her face.

Finally, we get down to business and Kim offers her advice on what it takes to be a reality TV star in the US. Get out your pen and paper, kids. This is going to be good.

“A reality TV show does not last. The fame does not last. So it’s not really about that. It’s about what do you love to do and figure out a way to make money off of what you really love to do.” Judging by the premise of this entire show, we’re going to guess these folks love anything involving a camera.

“How you doing to stay every time beautiful like that?” asks super-fan Nabilla. Kim’s a pro though and doesn’t get her head turned. “I’m not going to lie and say that it’s easy.” Her secret? Sunscreen.

Frankly, we don’t think these contestants have far to go on their quest for reality stardom. Many already resemble Jersey Shore cast-offs. Or, pardon, Rivera Shore cast-offs.

Also, was it just us or did Chris Harrison’s lost European brother make everything even more awkward at the end by handing Kim a giant bouquet of flowers actually meant for emotional mess/birthday girl Nabilla?

An even more important question: why in the world did Kim ever agree to this show in the first place? Is she trying to win over the French for her rumored move to Paris with boyfriend Kanye West? Is she in the market for an au pair for Baby Kimye? Or maybe she just got into the wrong car.

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