Kim Kardashian Had Kris Humphries’ Back During Their Divorce!
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Kim Kardashian Had Kris Humphries’ Back During Their Divorce!

Celebrity divorces are often messy, but even by celeb standards the split between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries was pretty nasty.

Kris insisted that Kim had only married him to boost her reality show ratings, and wanted the marriage annulled. Kim insisted that she’d been in very much in love with Kris at the time of their wedding, and wanted a plain old divorce. This dragged on for over a year and a half, and things just got nastier. So we were kind of shocked when we heard that Kim went to bat for Kris after he missed an important court date!

Kris was a no show for a mandatory court appearance in April, and the presiding judge was none too happy with his irresponsible behavior. According to, Kris would have been slapped with a fine for missing the court date, but Kim stepped in on his behalf and asked the judge not to!

Is that a classy move or what? Considering that Kim felt Kris was holding her life hostage by not letting the divorce move ahead, we think it’s pretty big of Kim that she’d intercede on his behalf.

Then again, they did end up settling (finally!) very soon after, so maybe Kim was just trying to grease the wheels with a little kindness. In which case: Nicely played, Kimmy!

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