Kim Kardashian’s Hair Flip Mocked by Brandon Jenner — Who’s Sexier? (VIDEO)
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Kim Kardashian’s Hair Flip Mocked by Brandon Jenner — Who’s Sexier? (VIDEO)

Leave it to Brandon Jenner to knock his step-sister Kim Kardashian down a couple of notches. In case you missed it, the future Mrs. Kanye West shared a video of her looking sexy in a Thai pool and, while Kim looks incredible, the whole thing is a bit much. The heavy music? The slow-mo? The hair flip?

Brandon quickly caught on to the ridiculousness of his sister’s ode to herself and decided to make one of his own, starring himself and his very long hair.

In the video, posted to Brandon’s Instagram and captioned “We all know who’s the hottest @kimkardashian,” the 32-year-old son of Bruce is on all fours on a couch. He’s wearing shorts and a dark T-shirt with some pretty heavy scruff along his chiseled jaw. Sorry, this getting too romance novel for you? Must have been the mood music Brandon sets the video to…

His hair loose, Brandon proceeds to flip it for all he’s worth, eyeing the camera with a smolder we think Kim could learn a thing or two from. He can’t keep it up for long though, breaking into a slight grin and a laugh at the end.

We’re not sure what the notoriously proud Kimmy K might make of the spoof, but you know what they say: Mimicry is the sincerest form of flattery… or something.

Source: Brandon Jenner on Instagram

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