Kim Kardashian: What’s the Real Reason She’s in Hiding?
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Kim Kardashian: What’s the Real Reason She’s in Hiding?

Three weeks post-baby and we haven’t seen hide nor hair extension of Kim Kardashian. We know she’s long gone from the hospital where she and boyfriend Kanye West welcomed baby girl North West on June 15, but where she headed after that no one quite seems to know.

Word on the street is Kim’s holed up at a secret location, which could just be tabloid speak for “Kris Jenner’s place.” Kris, who we’ve seen plenty of as she promotes her new talk show, said her home has been like Apocalypse Now what with all the helicopters sweeping the perimeter looking for any sign of Kim, North, and/or Kanye.

But are the paps’ appetites for Nori pics what’s really keeping Kim indoors wherever she may be, or is the famous starlet waiting until her body’s bounced back from baby?

Like any new mom, Kim’s likely worried about her post-pregnancy figure — a concern that takes on a whole new importance when your curves are the basis for your career. No doubt Kim knows that as soon as she rejoins the land of the living, her photo will make international news. Who wouldn’t want to look good for that?

The question now: When exactly will she come back to us? Although Kim’s “super motivated” to get her body back, will she remain behind closed doors until she’s satisfied with her shape, a process that could take months? And will she keep Nori away from the camera the whole time?

As we wait for answers, a word to the wise for any paparazzo who might consider jumping the fence: Don’t. Beyond the standard Kardashian security, Kim and Kanye might have a squad of highly trained Israeli soldiers at their beck and call.

07.3.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Elisabeth Kramer
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