Is Kim Kardashian Jealous of Jessica Simpson? (VIDEO)
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Kim Kardashian

Is Kim Kardashian Jealous of Jessica Simpson? (VIDEO)

Kim Kardashian has an A-list hubby, killer curves, and all the fame and fortune anyone could ever ask for — so why is another celeb’s success making her feel jealous? reports that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is being haunted by the green-eyed monster after seeing recent photos of Jessica Simpson, who is looking thinner than ever less than a year after giving birth to son Ace.

“Jessica’s latest triumphant pictures show that she’s achieved a streamlined shape that has Kim in tears of envy,” says an insider.

While Kim and Jessica have been publicly supportive of one another in the press, behind closed doors, Kim feels intensely competitive with the former reality star.

Despite slimming down significantly since the birth of daughter North in 2013, she reportedly won’t be satisfied until she achieves Jessica’s toned look.

“Jessica’s managed to get that lean look Kim’s always dreamed of and Kim is convinced she’s doing more than just Weight Watchers,” says the source, who claims that Kim has been trying to get members of Jessica’s camp to spill just how the singer lost the weight.

Do you think Kim is going overboard in her quest to have the best celebrity body?