Kim Kardashian Shares Support For Kanye West’s VMA Performance
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Kim Kardashian Shares Support For Kanye West’s VMA Performance

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are surprising us in more ways than we thought possible lately.

First, rather than selling photos of their daughter, North, to the highest bidder, Kanye showed the baby off in a pre-taped segment for Kris Jenner's talk show, and now, it looks like we may not get the major red carpet reveal of Kim's post-baby body that we were expecting either.

So, either somebody's going around lobotomizing celebrities, or staring into the doe-like eyes of their adorable baby's smushy little face has changed something in them. We won't rule out the former, though.

After reports had been circulating for weeks that Kim would reveal her post-baby body in some grand fashion at the VMAs, the new mom was a no-show, choosing instead to hang out at home with her munchkin and send love over the intertubes to Kanye, who performed at the event in Brooklyn.

Kim tweeted her support for Kanye's performance of "Blood on the Leaves" from his latest album Yeezus, writing, "Best performance of the night @kanyewest!!!!!!!!!”

While we've already gotten to see what a post-pregnancy Kimmy looks like (still hot, still tan, still bootyful), thanks to some candid photos of her in both California and at the funeral for Kanye's grandfather in Oklahoma, we can hardly imagine a Kimye pregnancy without a body-based magazine cover or big reveal of some sort, but it seems like that's getting less and less likely with each unplanned photo of her that pops up.

If a Kardashian undergoes a major transformation and there's no spectacle surrounding it, did it ever really happen at all?

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