Kim Kardashian Or Kate Middleton: Who Will Give Birth First?
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Kim Kardashian Or Kate Middleton: Who Will Give Birth First?

Have you heard? Reality princess Kim Kardashian and Royal princess Kate Middleton are both pregnant!

Oh, you had heard? Well then, do you know which famous baby will be arriving first? You don’t? Neither do we. But if you’re American, there’s a good chance you think Kate and Will’s bundle of joy will make his or her big entrance to the world ahead of Baby Kimye.

This, of course, is according to a poll just released by Harris Interactive, which said that of 2,345 American adults surveyed online, 26% believe Kate and William's baby will come first, compared to 15% who believe it will be Kim and Kanye West’s.

Of course, a whopping 59% said they aren’t sure. To which we say, well done Americans! Because how would anyone know a thing like that? (And why would you survey people about it? But that’s another question for another day.)

Yes, both women are due in July, but since babies are notoriously unpredictable when it comes to their arrival times, we’re not placing any bets just yet.

Something we would place a bet on is which baby will be more spoiled, and we have to side with America on this one. Half of all survey respondents think Baby Kimye will be more spoiled, while just 10% say the future monarch will be more pampered.

Were we a gambling people, we’d take that bet in a heartbeat. These are royals we’re talking about here, people! Propriety and modesty are the name of the game. The Kardashians? Not so much.

Source: Harris Interactive

06.11.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gemma Wilson
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