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Kim Kardashian Says Khloe Was Hungover at Her Wedding (VIDEO)

By all accounts, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s rehearsal dinner at Versailles was the party of the century... but maybe the pre-wedding celebration was little too fun for some. In fact, one member of Kim’s bridal party in particular had so much fun the night before, she almost didn’t wake up for the ceremony!

While chatting with Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live August 4, Kim recalled how little sister and bridesmaid Khloe was so hungover from the night before, it was uncertain whether she’d get it together in time. “She was laying down, sleeping, getting her makeup done for the wedding, and I’m just like, praying she’ll get up in time to walk down the aisle,” Kim says, giggling.

Thankfully, Khloe pulled it together eventually — here’s hoping they had some coconut water on hand! — and Kim couldn’t be happier with how the whole wedding week went. “We kind of wanted everyone to be on this love journey with us,” she says, explaining the reasoning behind the wedding’s two locations. “We fell in love in Paris, and then I got pregnant with our daughter in Florence. We wanted to share our love story with all of our friends and family, and I think everyone just really had an amazing time.”

Well, clearly Khloe did!