Kim and Khloe Kardashian Hit the Road with Scott Disick and Kourtney
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The Kardashians

Kim and Khloe Kardashian Hit the Road with Scott Disick and Kourtney

The Kardashians haven’t exactly had an easy summer. First, Kim had a difficult pregnancy followed by an unexpectedly early labor. Then new baby North West couldn’t catch a break from the paparazzi while the rumor mill churned up report after report about Khloe’s marriage to hubby Lamar Odom (the latest: The NBA star may be seeking treatment for a serious drug addiction).

But in case you’ve been worried about the K-dash Krew amid all the hubbub, don’t fret any longer. If there’s one thing the Kardashians know how to do (beside make money) it’s how to survive in style. That, at least, is the vibe we’re getting from a new series of online videos posted by Kim, Khloe, and Scott.

Titled “U a good girl and u know it,” Scott’s Keek shows Khloe in aviators and black outfit lip synching to the Drake classic tune, “Hold On We’re Going Home.” In the back seat, Kourtney and Kim (remember, she’s a blonde now) sway and sing along, too. Kim’s video contributions gives the rearview take on the music fest (why three videos were necessary, we’re not sure).

Although the major headliners of the Kardashian summer — Nori and LamLam — are nowhere to be seen perhaps it’s a good sign the family seems so at ease. Perhaps.

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