Kim Kardashian Blames Khloe For Kendall Jenner’s Disrespectful Behavior
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Kim Kardashian Blames Khloe For Kendall Jenner’s Disrespectful Behavior

There’s nothing like cleaning up a room full of dog poop to make a girl feel unappreciated, something Kris Jenner learned the hard way on the most recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

When daughter Kendall Jenner left her beloved Great Dane pup, Blu, at Kris’ home without adequate supervision, Kris was forced to clean up the dog’s mess, giving her plenty of reason to feel resentful.

Ever the favorite, Kim Kardashian stuck up for her mom, reminding Kendall that dog poop is the problem of the dog and its owner alone, prompting both Kendall and sister Khloe Kardashian to gang up on their mom for, well, being a mom.

Adding insult to canine catastrophe, Khloe said, “If you whore yourself out that much and have six kids, you should have a little repercussions,” to which Kendall added, “Yeah, that whore.”

Incensed by her sisters’ rudeness, Kim claimed that Kendall was becoming a “little mini-Khloe,” calling the 29-year-old a “bad influence” on her 18-year-old sibling.

While Kendall initially maintained a unified front with Khloe, defending their position, they later admitted to making an error in judgment and pledged to be better behaved in the future.

“Kendall and I are making a pact that we’re going to be nicer to you,” Khloe explained to Kris.

Shortly afterward, Kendall relented on the dog issue, admitting that she should act more responsibly.

Awww. Like they always say, name-calling and dog poop are the true glues that hold families together.