New Report Claims Kim Kardashian Had Lipo and Butt Injections
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New Report Claims Kim Kardashian Had Lipo and Butt Injections

Kim Kardashian has long denied reports that her delicate features and ample curves are the work of a skilled surgeon and not mother nature, but a new report claims that the star has not only had plenty of work done, but has gone to great lengths to conceal it.

Kim attempted to prove once and for all that her famous booty, which has been the subject of the most speculation, was real by having it X-rayed on TV, but a source for Life & Style says that it was simply a tactic to divert attention for the procedure she actually had performed.

“Kim had lipo on her legs and the doctor moved the fat into her butt. That’s why it didn’t show up on the X-ray,” said a source for the website.

Dr. Michelle Copeland, who has not performed work on Kim, added that Kim’s shape appears to have undergone an overhaul, which could have even included the implants she originally denied.

"It definitely appears that Kim had her butt augmented,” said the doctor. “An implant has to be radio opaque to show up on an X-ray, so it’s possible she has a type of implant that would not be detected.”

Source: Life & Style

08.21.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Sarah Crow
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