How Did Kim Kardashian’s Booty End a Marriage?
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Kim Kardashian

How Did Kim Kardashian’s Booty End a Marriage?

Kim Kardashian’s bodacious body has enchanted photographers, turned famous athletes into whimpering puppy dogs, and made her millions of dollars, but is it possible that her enviable figure broke up the marriage of total strangers?

According to, a Saudi couple is ending their marriage, thanks in part to the wife’s preoccupation with Kim’s larger-than-life looks.

The unnamed woman tells the website that after changing her hair and generally gussying herself up with the hope of reigniting the spark with her husband, she turned to a plastic surgeon to transform her into a Kim clone.

“I noticed that he admires Kim Kardashian so I decided to be like her and even more beautiful,” the woman revealed. "I even tried to walk like Kim Kardashian in the hope my husband would be more attracted to me, but the results were not as I had wished.”

According to the woman, her husband was less-than-thrilled with the results and decided that not only did he not like her knockoff Kardashian look, but he no longer wanted to be with her. Womp womp.

The Saudi plastic surgery victim isn’t the first girl to copy Kim’s look — Kris Humphries’ ex-girlfriend, Myla Sinanaj, reportedly dropped $30,000 in the pursuit of Kim-style perfection.