Kim Kardashian Mocked for Weight Gain: Brody Jenner “It Disgusts Me”
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Kim Kardashian Mocked for Weight Gain: Brody Jenner “It Disgusts Me”

Hopefully Kim Kardashian has forgotten all about the media firestorm that was her pregnancy in the glow of new motherhood, but her family is still ready to fight! The latest member to come out swinging in Kim’s defense is step-brother Brody, who wasn’t shy about sharing his feelings on and how the media treated Kim while she was still a mama-to-be.

“Kim has been so stressed out with all the negative media attention and it disgusts me, like how negative everybody is," Brody told DigitalSpy. "Like, 'Oh, she's gaining weight' - yeah, she's pregnant! Big f**king deal - let her gain weight. These are supposed to be the most incredible moments of this girl's life, being pregnant, being happy, and everybody just puts her down."

You tell ‘em, Brody! But the young Jenner was riled up over the crazy things that tabloids have had to say about Kim, and had some sweet things to say in her defense.

"Kim, truthfully, is one of the greatest, sweetest, nicest human beings ever, and it's crazy to me to read some of the things I have to see,” he went on. “Every time I go to a grocery store checkout there's this magazine going, 'Kim - look how fat she is'. It's like, 'Who are you to say that?'”

Brody had a lot more to say about what a great mom Kim is going to be, and we’re totally with him on that point as well. Now that Kim’s pregnancy is over, this insanity can finally start dying down. Of course, there will always be more craziness to take its place, but we’re comforted knowing one thing for sure: Uncle Brody is always going to have Baby Kimye’s back!

Source: Digital Spy