Kim Kardashian Gets Motherhood Advice From Farrah Abraham
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Kim Kardashian Gets Motherhood Advice From Farrah Abraham

Whether she likes it or not, Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is kind of following in Kim Kardashian’s footsteps. Kim has been a reality star/businesswoman/TV personality way longer than Farrah has; she even had a sex tape out before Farrah did (though Kim’s wasn’t quite so intentional). The one thing Farrah beat Kim to is motherhood.

Farrah is the mom of four-year-old Sophia, and Kim will be giving birth to her first baby within the month. That means that Farrah is ready to dish out some advice.

“I think the most important thing as a mom is to eat right, take care of your body and I think your emotions and everything will get back to normal again,” Farrah said on VH1′s The Gossip Table, when asked what she would tell Kim about motherhood. “She’ll be very happy.”

Well, that actually sounds pretty reasonable. Maybe Kim will return the favor, and give Farrah some business advice? After all, the woman clearly wants to be a star, and nobody knows how to make the most of reality fame like our Kimmy.

Then again, Kim is going to be pretty busy with her newborn, and she’s going to have to get over that whole “I totally outshine Kim Kardashian in all things” comment Farrah made. We’re paraphrasing, but you get the idea.

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