Kim Kardashian Reveals Which Siblings Are the Best — And Worst — Babysitters
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Kim Kardashian Reveals Which Siblings Are the Best — And Worst — Babysitters

Kim Kardashian may love spending time with baby North, but that doesn’t mean she and fiancé Kanye West don’t need some grownup time every once and a while. Thankfully, they have not only a host of nannies, but also Kim’s gigantic blended family to fall back on whenever they need a babysitter. But not all of her siblings are equally good at the job.

On her January 23 Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance, Kim revealed what we already suspected was true: Auntie Khloe is the best babysitter in her family. From what little we’ve seen of Koko’s interactions with Kourtney’s kids, Penelope and Mason, we already wish we were kids again so that Khloe could sit for us.

We also can’t say we’re surprised at Kim’s response for who is the worst babysitter in the bunch: Rob Kardashian. He clearly doesn’t have the nurturing gene all his sisters seemed to have inherited from Kris Jenner. “I tricked him the other day and I told him I had a meeting that was really important and could he please babysit for an hour,” the reality star related to Jimmy Kimmel. “He never showed up.”

We’re guessing Kim has permanently crossed Rob off her emergency contacts list after that little test run. Thankfully she has plenty of willing alternates. Khloe, Kourtney, Kylie, and Kendall all seem to be eager to sit for the seven-month-old tyke.

Are you surprised Kim named Khloe her favorite sitter and Rob the least reliable, or does that pretty much line up with your expectations?

Source: Hollywood Life