Will Kim Kardashian’s Baby North West Get Teased About Her Name?
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Will Kim Kardashian’s Baby North West Get Teased About Her Name?

Comedians had a field day when word leaked that  Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had picked out for the cutesy moniker North West for their baby daughter, but some more concerned citizens actually seemed worried that North would get picked on because of the name. For those of you that fear North’s inevitable playground taunting, don’t worry: Kris Jenner is here to put your mind at ease.

“You don’t walk around saying, ‘Hi North West,’ you walk around saying ‘North’ or whatever nickname might be,” Kris explained to Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live.

She has a point; when you take the directional last name out of play, little North’s name doesn’t seem quite so odd. But we think there’s something larger at play here. Namely, that North’s parents are both super duper famous! She’s a bona fide celebrity at one month old, and no one but her family has even seen her face. They could have named this kid Sarah and her life is still going to be totally weird.

Also, let’s be real, as far as celebrity children’s names go, North is actually pretty restrained. She can be friends with Blue Ivy and Cricket and Moses and Pilot Inspektor and Bronx Mowgli and Rainbow Aurora. And she’ll be just fine.

Source: Watch What Happens Life via GossipCop