Kim Kardashian Gets Paid HOW MUCH to Tweet?
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Kim Kardashian Gets Paid HOW MUCH to Tweet?

A tweet may only be 140 characters long, but companies are willing to pay big bucks for the right message. And by big bucks we mean upwards of $100 a letter. You read that right: $100 a letter. As in, we would already have made $26,400 by the end of this sentence. Sign. Us. Up.

It's estimated Kim Kardashian takes home the biggest paycheck of any celebrity tweeter, at $10,000 per sponsored tweet. That's a note tied to a specific product or company, like Kim's May 27 message: "Pregnancy lips ... @EOS to the rescue!" She's never confirmed the makeup company paid up for the promo but ya gotta wonder after such a specific shout-out (plus pic!). Seems like an advertiser's dream come true, right?

With Kim's more than 17 million followers, we get the appeal. A celeb's thumbs up can seem pretty priceless, especially when that message is buzzed directly into the hands of potential buyers.

Sister Khloe's not too far behind when it comes to tweeting out dollar signs; she supposedly gets $8,000 a message. Guess that's fair since she does have only 8 million or so Twitter devotees. How does she manage?!

But this gig isn’t just for Kardashians (as much as we're sure momager Kris Jenner would LOVE that). The Huffington Post reports rock star Jared Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars rakes in as much as Khloe, Melissa Joan Hart, of Melissa and Joey fame, gets $9,100 a plug, and Bachelor Sean Lowe makes an estimated $6,500.

Even the likes of Malcolm in the Middle star Frankie Muniz and Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham have gotten in on this sweet deal. Granted, they make a pittance compared to the line of zeroes running out the door at Kardashian headquarters (just $252 and $390 a message, respectively). Still, we've got a whole new appreciation for the expression "a penny for your thoughts."

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06.5.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Elisabeth Kramer
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