Kim Kardashian Turns the Tables on the Paparazzi! (VIDEO)
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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Turns the Tables on the Paparazzi! (VIDEO)

Or should we say turns the camera on the paparazzi? Kim Kardashian caught a few videos of the photogs swarming her SUV... unaware that she was inside the whole time! While bestie Jonathan Cheban and momager Kris Jenner pick up a few things at the mall, Kim waits in the car... surrounded by clueless paps.

Kim can barely contain her amusement that the photo hounds haven't the faintest clue she's there.“The paparazzi just followed my mom and Jonathan in the car and they have no idea that I’m hiding out in the car. Look, they’re running to go do something else,” Kim narrates as the cameramen run around outside the store, unable to stifle a huge giggle.

In a second video, the new mom marvels as the paps mill around outside, waiting for Kris and Jonathan to return. “I can’t believe the paparazzi does not see me! They are literally all surrounding the car and I’m just sitting in the car and this is the best day... ever!”

Those blacked out window tints on the Kardashian Krews’ vehicles have cost them some citations in the past — in California, while it’s legal to have your rear passenger windows tinted, there’s a hefty fine for having tint on the front windows. However, we’re pretty sure Kim’s thinking a ticket a day is worth the fun she’s having evading the paparazzi... right under their noses!

Source: Keek

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10.7.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Amber Garrett
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