Which Plastic Surgeries Has Kim Kardashian Had? An Expert Weighs In!
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Which Plastic Surgeries Has Kim Kardashian Had? An Expert Weighs In!

Kim Kardashian may claim that her gorgeous face and curvy body are the work of good genes and good beauty products, but a quick look at old pictures of the star tells a wildly different story.

Back when Kim was still Paris Hilton's BFF, her face and body looked drastically different than they do now, and insiders claim it's the result of a massive plastic surgery overhaul.

While Kim has admitted to a few minor procedures, from some conservative Botox around her eyes to fat-melting massage, sources claim the work has been much more extensive.

Starting with her most famous asset, despite getting an X-ray to prove that her jiggle is all real, a source claims: "Kim had lipo on her legs and the doctor moved the fat into her butt."

Kim's first husband, music producer Damon Thomas, corroborates this story, claiming that he shelled out a small fortune to have her body reworked, paying for both liposuction and breast augmentation. Dr. Anthony Youn, a plastic surgeon, confirms Damon's story, saying that Kim's breasts appear overly "round and full for her thin figure," a telltale sign of implants.

Kim's face may have always been a thing of beauty as well, but it's clear to experts that her perfect looks have come at a painful price. Dr. Youn claims that her "nose appears to have gotten a little shorter and more refined, possibly from… conservative rhinoplasty." In addition, critics were alarmed when Kim's appearance changed drastically during pregnancy, from what many believed to be lip fillers and Botox injections. While Kim and momager Kris Jenner have denied these claims, the proof, it would seem, is in the totally lineless, duck-lipped pudding.

Regardless of whether Kim is genetically blessed and all-natural, or, as Tina Fey puts it, "made by Russian scientists to sabotage our athletes," whatever she's doing is working and will keep her looking 22 forever.

Source: RadarOnline

09.12.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Sarah Crow
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