Did Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy Make Sister Kourtney Jealous?
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Did Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy Make Sister Kourtney Jealous?

Kourtney Kardashian has two beautiful children of her own, and she seemed delighted when she heard that little sister Kim had finally gotten pregnant in spite of her fertility worries. But then, during Kim’s pregnancy, it looks like Kourt ended up getting more than a little jealous!

In the upcoming episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kourtney storms out of a room in a huff, because she feels like her boyfriend Scott Disick is paying pregnant Kimmy too much attention!

“I love how you literally don’t do any of this at our house,” after she walks in on Scott being super helpful and putting together some baby furniture for Kim.

Harsh, Kourt! You’re going to be snarky to Scott for helping out your pregnant sister? That seems a little unfair, even if he isn’t as helpful as you’d like him to be at home. Kim’s baby daddy Kanye West was off in Paris finishing his new album during much of her pregnancy, so it’s nice that she could count on her friends and family!

So come on now, give Scott some credit for doing something thoughtful, and then maybe he’ll be more inclined to be a stand-up guy in his own home. It’s called positive reinforcement, and we think it’ll work like a charm!

Source: E! Online