Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Weight Gain: How She’s Dealing With Criticism
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Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Weight Gain: How She’s Dealing With Criticism

Kim Kardashian has been dealing with some pretty nasty criticism about her body from the moment her pregnancy became public knowledge, but as far as we can tell she’s handled it like a pro. She’s got great friends and family who come to her defense, not to mention the legion of famous women that have assembled to support her. She’s shot down her haters in the past, but now she’s taken on a new self-preservation tactic: In an interview with The Sun's Fabulous magazine, Kim reportedly admitted that she’s stopped Googling herself.

"I just think why surround yourself with negative things when you don’t have to?” Kim told the mag. “I definitely avoid certain things like looking at the comments. It’s just not worth my while.”

You tell ‘em, Kim! Considering the insane headlines she’s had to put up with seeing for the last seven months, we think that avoiding any of the crazy media coverage (and hater response) she can is a great idea.

Not that Kim thinks she hasn’t made a misstep throughout her maternity period. She’s the first to admit that she’s had a hard time figuring out how to dress her changing body, and that combined with a love of adventurous fashion is a tricky combination. "I think I was trying to hide it for a while,” she said of her burgeoning bump, “But I’m still at the stage where nothing looks good, so I’ve found it really difficult to get dressed."

Yeah, but probably half that difficulty was being told how terrible you look by the tabloids! Which is why we're all in favor of sloooowly backing away from the Google.

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05.10.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gemma Wilson
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