Kim Kardashian Worries Pregnancy Made Her Uncool
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Kim Kardashian Worries Pregnancy Made Her Uncool

Poor, poor Kim Kardashian. We all know she had a rough time of it during her pregnancy with daughter North West. Between the bloating and the feet swelling and the rumors that boyfriend Kanye West was cheating, girlfriend just couldn’t cut a break. And now we’ve heard that the whole time Kim was growing new life inside of her the starlet was also worrying about her cool level!

“I’m getting really considered that I’m losing my cool,” Kim says in a promo for the August 18 episode. To stay on trend, it looks like Kim tries to take a page out of youngest sister Kylie Jenner’s book on how to be a teen queen without even trying. The result is about as awkwardly painful as you’d imagine.

Kim, really now? Come on, girl. You’re the coolest. So cool, in fact, that you and Kanye could name your firstborn after a cardinal direction and the internet only freaked out about it for like a month, tops. If someone not nearly as cool had done that (coughBruce Jennercough) we’d be looking at a lifetime of humiliation for that poor little nugget.

Conclusion: Kimmy, take a chill pill. The quickest way to become uncool is to talk about how uncool you are.

Source: E!