Kim Kardashian’s Prenup With Kanye West Could Lose Her Millions of Dollars
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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s Prenup With Kanye West Could Lose Her Millions of Dollars

For most celebs, prenups are a necessary evil, preventing the star’s partner from cashing out after their relationship ends. For Kim Kardashian, her prenup with Kanye West could be her downfall.

While Kim, who is worth an estimated $40 million already, may have enough in the bank to keep her comfortable for multiple lifetimes, but it looks as though her prenup with Kanye isn’t nearly the slam dunk she may have originally believed it to be.

Divorce attorney Vikki Zieger tells HollywoodLife that, for someone with as much money as Kanye, who has an estimated net worth of $100 million, his offer to Kim of $1 million per year for ten years in the event of a divorce is not exactly generous.

“I would like to see her get $2 million per year, capped at 20 years,” says Nikki. “They are young and by only accepting $10 million, she could lose out on a great deal of money if married for more! No one knows how long a marriage will last, so why limit yourself to 10 years? Prenups can be revised several times until fully executed before the marriage takes place!”

While it might seem a bit greedy to ask Kanye for so much cash, we can only imagine how many furs, weaves, and weddings she’ll have to pay for in the future.

Are you surprised at how little Kim could get from her prenup?

Source: HollywoodLife

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