Why Is Kim Kardashian Keeping Silent After Giving Birth?
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Why Is Kim Kardashian Keeping Silent After Giving Birth?

From the moment her pregnancy was announced, reality star Kim Kardashian has been insisting that she’d become a more private person once she became a mom. Even so, her silence in the last few days has been deafening!

Kim gave birth to her little girl on June 15, and since then the normally prolific Kim has maintained social media silence. Not a tweet, not an Instagram, not a blog post. We weren’t expecting photos of the baby or anything, but really, Kim? Nothing? Not a, “thank you for your support, we’re all doing well!” message to your fans? What gives?!

Maybe it’s Kanye’s doing. Rumor has it Kim’s boyfriend and delighted baby daddy hasn’t left her side since she went into labor, and we all know that he’s no fan of Kim’s constant fan interaction. If anyone could convince Kim to sit back and enjoy some private time with her new family, it’s him.

Others think that Kim is holding out for a great deal on baby photos before she breaks her silence. We’re not on board with this one, because we have no doubt that tabloids are falling all over themselves to outbid each other for these pics, whether Kim says anything to her fans or not.

Then there’s the theory that things are going as well as the Kardashian clan would have everyone believe. Baby Kimye was born fairly early, and weighed under five pounds, which is a very low birth weight for a newborn (though not dangerously low). That being the case, people are speculating that there are more serious problems in play, which is why Kim is keeping mum for the time being.

If her baby isn’t totally out of the woods yet, we’re all for Kim focusing her energy on her little one. We know she'll be back to us when she can!

Source: Detroit Free Press