Kim Kardashian Bought A Stroller To Match WHAT?!
Credit: Kim Kardashian on Instagram    

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Kim Kardashian Bought A Stroller To Match WHAT?!

We all know that Kim Kardashian is a well-heeled lady with a penchant for high-end accessories. No surprise, then, that her particular taste also applies to the stroller she was buying for baby North on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, but it was still a little weird to hear just exactly what she was concerned about coordinating with!

"I want to see what skin tone my child is," a still-pregnant Kim said to her de facto brother-in-law Scott Disick, after sending a picture of a potential stroller to North’s daddy, her boyfriend Kanye West. Scott, apparently as baffled as the rest of us, replied that the baby would be black.

Not so, said Kim. "It'll be a variation of a skin tone,” she answered back, “So I'm just trying to see what color will look good."

Clothing, sure. Accessories, yes. Even a baby blanket makes sense, since it will be swaddled right up next to baby North’s face. But transportation? Is this a thing people do, and we were just blissfully unaware of? Strollers should be picked for safety and durability, Kimmy, not because they really make a baby’s eyes pop.

Then again, Kim has probably been buying herself cars that go with her skin tone for years now, and we just never noticed. Because she’s just that good