Kim Kardashian is Pushing Khloe to Divorce Lamar Odom — Report
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The Kardashians

Kim Kardashian is Pushing Khloe to Divorce Lamar Odom — Report

Lamar Odom may have finally checked into rehab for substance abuse issues, but there’s another issue looming large for the basketball star: whether or not his marriage will survive the rash of allegations being hurled at him.

Already up against plenty of public scrutiny, Lamar is now facing criticism from his own family, including Kim Kardashian, who used to be an ally to the NBA star.

A source for British tabloid Heat (via Yahoo!) claims that Kim is now trying to get Khloe to kick Lamar to the curb, especially now that he’s dragged the Kardashians' reputation through the mud. (Sex tapes are one thing, but drugs and hard partying have never been the Kardashian way).

“If anyone understands what Khloe's going through, it's Kim,” says the insider. “She's been through rough patches with her boyfriend Kanye and her own divorce from Kris Humphries this year. She hates seeing Khloe like this."

Adds the pal, “Kim's advised her that if she's going to give Lamar another chance it needs to be the final one. Although she knows Khloe is hurting and is embarrassed that this is happening so publicly, she feels it might be better to call it a day like she did with Kris.”

Despite all of Lamar’s alleged affairs, his rumored love for hookers and his apparent drug problem, Khloe still hasn’t given up hope on her marriage. Hopefully it all works out for the best. We just pray she doesn't end up living out every day like the world’s saddest Tammy Wynette impression, humming “Stand By Your Man” to herself, wondering how things got so bad.

Source: Heat / Yahoo!

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