Has Kim Kardashian Had Plastic Surgery to Prepare For Her Wedding?
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Kim Kardashian

Has Kim Kardashian Had Plastic Surgery to Prepare For Her Wedding?

It’s clear that Kim Kardashian has logged long hours scouting locations and hitting the gym to prepare for her upcoming Italian nuptials, but how much time has she spent in the plastic surgeon’s chair?

According to plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn, Kim’s undergone a complete surgical overhaul, and she looks even younger today than when she first became famous.

“I suspect that she may have had a rhinoplasty (nose job), as her nose looks thinner, shorter, and more refined now than it did in 2006. Her lips appear to be plumped with injectable filler such as Juvederm,” Dr. Youn revealed to RadarOnline.com.

“I suspect that she’s had multiple skin tightening treatments, like chemical peels and laser treatments. She may also be benefitting from filler injections in her cheeks, such as with the new Voluma,” added the doctor.

While Kim has admitted to having little done to her face or body, save for a few blood facials and some conservative Botox, it does look like Kim may not be rocking all of her original parts.

Although the change in Kim’s appearance may be drastic, it seems she’s killing two birds with one stone by her commitment to looking young: fighting off the ravages of age and getting a built-in “something new” when she walks down the aisle!

Do you think Kim has gone too far with her alleged nips and tucks, or do you like her new look?

Source: RadarOnline.com