Kim Kardashian Already Worried About Losing Baby Weight!
Credit: Kim Kardashian on Instagram    

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Kim Kardashian Already Worried About Losing Baby Weight!

Kim Kardashian gave birth to baby girl North West less than two weeks ago, but according to some sources she’s already super preoccupied about losing her pregnancy weight!

"[She] is ready to get her body back," a close friend of Kim’s said, according to "She can't wait to lose the baby weight. It's definitely on her mind."

Reports on how much weight Kim gained during her pregnancy varied wildly, with some sources claiming it was only 20 pounds and some saying she topped out at over 200 pounds. We’d bet it was somewhere in between, because while Kim was certainly getting big towards the end (duh, because she was effin’ pregnant) she was also hitting the gym all the time throughout her pregnancy.

"[Kim] took great care of her body while she was pregnant," the source claimed, "She ate healthy foods and worked out. She was very conscious."

Of course, Kim has been working with celeb trainer Tracy Anderson, and word on the street is Kim may be re-enlisting fitness guru Gunnar Peterson to help her drop the baby weight. We also hear she's breastfeeding North like crazy, and maybe that’s why Kim’s pals don’t seem to think she’ll have much trouble getting back into shape.

"She looked beautiful hours after giving birth," they said, "I'm sure it won't be too hard!"

Hard or not, we just wish Kim would give herself a little more time! You’ve got all the time in the world to worry about getting your pre-baby body back, so for now just sit back, relax and keep your eyes pointed North.