Kim Kardashian Worried Over Kanye West’s Temper: Report
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Kim Kardashian Worried Over Kanye West’s Temper: Report

From his brawls with paparazzi to his impassioned tweets about fur pillows, there's no doubt that Kanye West is a man whose feelings lie close to the surface.

However, what has some in his inner circle concerned is his tendency to turn his passion into white-hot rage at the drop of a hat — and nobody's more worried than baby mama Kim Kardashian

A source close to the couple tells British magazine Heat (via ONTD), "Kim told him she’s had enough of his temper – he’s not doing himself any favors and it’s damaging their image. Kanye says he’s always had a temper and that he’s just standing up for himself. But Kim’s dealt with the attention for years and she manages – she doesn’t get why he can’t control himself."

Kanye's notorious paparazzi-hating ways apparently have media magnet Kim worried for the future of their relationship.

"Kim was upset at first but now she’s concerned that Kanye could leave her because he can’t take the pressure," says the source. "He went back to their home but he’s been in an awful mood since. She has no idea what to do."

If it's any consolation, Kim, at least this time you haven't had a huge, televised wedding... yet.

Source: Heat