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When you’re already dating “one of the most beautiful people of all time” (who just happens to be more influential than Michelle Obama), why bother hiring an actress to appear in your music videos?

That seems to be Kanye West’s sentiment as he has hired fiancee Kim Kardashian to star in his newest music video. The new mom showed off her hard-earned post-baby body in the video for Kanye’s latest single, “Bound 2,” which premiered today on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The risque video directed by Nick Knight features Kanye riding through the desert on a motorcycle alongside a topless Kim. The couple spend the entire video caressing atop Kanye’s bike — but not before the sun sets beautifully over the mountains and horses run majestically out of the ocean. How romantic.

The video seems a little personal considering it features the real-life couple getting up close and, well,  personal — but then again, Kim and Kanye are in the business of exploitation. We really wouldn’t expect anything less from these two!

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Credit: Ellen Degeneres Photo: Topless Kim Kardashian Stars in Kanye West's "Bound 2" (VIDEO)

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Source: Ellen DeGeneres