What is it about Kim Kardashian that keeps fans coming back for more? Is it the perfectly coiffed hair, the designer wardrobe, her out-of-this-world figure — or is it something else?

The new mom and her BFF, Brittny Gastineau, revealed to unsuspecting denizens of the internet just how they could become just as loved, feared, and reviled as Miss K, and, as it turns out, it’s not just money and makeup that make her look so good — her true power lies in the art of taking skillful selfies.

The reality stars gave fans some tips on how to look their best, even if they don’t have the benefit of professional photographers, stylists, and makeup artists on hand at all times.

“Rule number one is you always need it to be a little bit higher,” says Kim of her most cheekbone-enhancing pose. “Know your angle,” adds Brittny.

As for the cardinal rule of selfie-taking, while it may seem like the go-to mug for most amateur photogs, a pronounced pout is not your friend.

“No duckface,” says Kim, although she has been guilty of committing the selfie sin in the past. “I love doing that, because it gives you cheekbones …”

“But everyone gets so annoyed!” squeals Brittny.

“They get so mad,” confirms Kim.

So there you have it: just keep your mouth relaxed, your camera focused on yourself, and you’re already halfway to a reality career.

Source: Eye on Glam