Credit: Instagram

Kim Kardashian may be a beauty, but is she an icon for the ages? She certainly seems to thinks so, if her latest selfie is any indication.

The reality queen posted a photo to her Instagram account on Monday night in which she mimics an iconic photo of Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor, from the star’s enormous diamond ring to her nude manicure and towel-wrapped head.

While Kim lack’s Liz’s bold brows and violet eyes (as well as her long list of accolades), the two do share some characteristics.  Aside from their love of vanity fragrances and diamonds that can be seen from space, they both have/had a penchant for dramatic relationships — although, if Kim truly wants to keep up with her idol, she’s got to start playing catch-up.

When Kim weds Kanye West in 2014, it will be her third marriage in just over a decade. Liz wowed Hollywood by having eight marriages and divorces over half a century. And five of them were before she reached Kim's current age of 33!

Perhaps Kim can marry Kanye, divorce him, and then marry him again, Richard Burton style, in order to really model her life after her idols.

Source: Instagram