Contrary to what she’s said in recent interviews, Kim Kardashian’s bikini-body debut was no accident.

While the reality star innocently claimed that she was totally unprepared to be photographed in her white bikini (in photos that later ended up on the cover of Us Weekly), Page Six now reports that the photoshoot was completely planned airbrushing and all.  

Sources tell the site that Kim posed for the shots, which were taken in secret by an agency photographer, which is consistent with what Kim’s rep confirmed earlier this week.

“We didn’t do an Us Weekly cover,” the rep said. “I haven’t seen it yet. I’m told they have used paparazzi shots.”

The one thing the rep didn’t include, however, is that Kim seems to have hired the paparazzo herself!

The new mom reportedly had the photo agency airbrush the photos to make herself appear a bit slimmer and more toned. Kim then personally approved each photo before they were allowed to go up for bidding between the weekly magazines.

But we can’t fault Kim for being a savvy businesswoman. Bidding for the touched-up photos opened at a jaw-dropping $90,000. The pictures were awarded to Us Weekly for around $100,000 and Kim was allowed to keep half the share. $50,000 for a photoshoot and a little airbrushing? That doesn't sound like such a crime to us.

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Source: Page Six