Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s daughter, North, is only six months old, but she’s already had to deal with lots of grown-up problems — fending off paparazzi, living with a bizarre name, worrying whether or not wearing cashmere diapers is alienating her friends, and countless other heartbreaking issues.

However, despite the abundant privilege she was born into, the celebrity progeny won’t have to worry about a life of complete isolation, thanks to mama Kim’s plan to raise her little one with at least a modicum of normalcy by sending her to the great equalizer that is school.

While answering questions on her Mobio INsider account, Kim revealed to fans that, when the time is right, North won’t have the luxury of being homeschooled for just a few hours a day like Kim’s little sisters Kylie and Kendall — she’ll have to participate in the daily grind, just like everyone else.

In response to a fan who asked if North will attend “normal” school, Kim responded, “She will for sure go to school, we just need to do our research.”

While we’re sure Kim and Kanye won’t be shipping North off to any old public school, it’s nice to hear that she may still have some semblance of a normal life yet.

Do you think it’s a good idea for Kim and Kanye to send North to a normal school, or should she have private tutors on the road with her parents?

Source: Mobio INsider

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