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Sure, you’ve seen almost every inch of her body already, but could there be some ink hiding somewhere on Kim Kardashian’s skin we don’t know about? Thankfully, Kim’s been using her downtime to answer that and many other fan questions on her new favorite app, Mobio INsider.

The short answer is “no.” As for whether Kim would ever get one, it sounds like that’s pretty unlikely. “I’ve had no desire and would never get one,” Kim responded. However, it’s certainly not a view shared by the entire Kardashian krew.

Younger sister Khloe Kardashian has a few tattoos, including one she’s probably regretting quite a bit these days: the initials “LO” on her right hand (soon-to-be-ex-husband Lamar Odom has a corresponding “KO” on his hand). We think rather than getting it lasered off, which is painful and expensive, Kokes should just go back to the parlor and have it changed to “YOLO”.

Speaking of regrettable ink, younger bro Rob Kardashian, another slave to the needle, famously had his erstwhile girlfriend Adrienne Bailon’s name inked on his torso. While Adrienne is currently having her corresponding booty tattoo of Rob’s name removed, last we heard Rob was still branded by his ex.

Considering Kim’s own relationship history, it’s probably a good thing she’s not into tattoos herself!

Source: Mobio INsider

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