Credit: Instagram

“Selfie” may have been the word of last year, but it looks like Kim Kardashian isn’t going to let the art of self-photography die just because we've already welcomed 2014.

Kim, who has been on the receiving end of plenty of flack since allegedly Photoshopping a recent workout pic with her pal Blac Chyna to make herself look thinner, returned to Instagram just days later to prove that, digitally altered or not, she’s still got it going on.

On Tuesday, Kim posted a sexy selfie, showing her upper body wrapped in just her duvet, along with the caption “Good morning.” You might think the girl knew better than to allow cameras in her bedroom by now, but apparently old habits die hard for the reality star. 

While Kim certainly looks like a million bucks in the photo, if she’s trying to prove to the world how good she can look au naturel, she might want to give it another go. Unless she wakes up with heavily penciled brows, lined eyes, mascara-coated lashes, glossy lips, and in flaw-masking black and white, it seems highly unlikely that the face Kim is showing off is the one Kanye wakes up next to.

Regardless of whether or not this is the result of a good night’s sleep or a good makeup team, one thing’s for sure: we can’t hate the girl for trying to look good.

Source: Instagram