Credit: Instagram

Much like people and their pets who begin to resemble one another, couples often start to mimic the same behaviors — one cuts their hair, and the other follows suit, one starts working out, the other tries to keep up.

Such is the case, it seems, with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, who are growing more and more alike by the day. The reality star has already allowed her fashionable fiance to give her a wardrobe overhaul, toning down her formerly garish look in favor of sleek designer silhouettes, and now, it seems, she’s adopting some of his more eccentric habits as well. reports that Kim has taken up sending lavish bouquets to everyone in her life to say “thank you” for everything, right down to her well-painted nails.

“It’s Kim’s bizarre new way of expressing gratitude which she’s picked up from Kanye,” says a Kardashian insider. “Kim’s new thing is to send everybody who works with her, even her manicurist, these ridiculously expensive flower arrangements the day after she sees them.”

While Kim’s over-the-top gesture may seem a bit bizarre, there may be method to her madness after all.

The source reveals that Kim is likely using the bouquets as a means of testing out florists for her upcoming nuptials. “No doubt she’s also warming up for her wedding to Kanye by testing the floral waters,” says the friend.

What do you think of Kim's expensive new hobby?