Credit: Kim Kardashian on Instagram Photo: Kim Kardashian Ellen Degeneres Show Look

Wardrobe malfunctions happen to the best of us, and Kim Kardashian has certainly seen her share. That’s why it’s no surprise to us that she’s developed the ability to rebound beautifully from these little setbacks.

Kim shared the mini costume drama on Instagram January 16, exclaiming “OMG my dress for Ellen just broke!!! I have to leave in 5mins...I need help! Should I wear this???”

While we don’t know what Kim’s first choice looked like, her plan B looks pretty great to us. Opting for a very low cut white sweater over a tight, nude body-con maxi, Kim is showing off all her hard work at the gym. The silhouette of her sweater reminds us of a drapier version of the winter white look she donned last week, while the skin-tight skirt hugs her most notorious feature.

If we had one criticism to make, it would be that the V of her sweater is a little too deep, and appears to be exposing her bra. Plus, since she’ll be sitting down for most of the interview (unless Ellen forces to do one of her games), we’re not so sure she wants a neckline that plunging — or a skirt that tight.

Then again, if the message she’s trying to send is “I’ve still got it,” maybe this is perfect.

Credit: Kim Kardashian on Instagram Photo: Kim Kardashian final change

Ultimately, though, Kim went with Plan C, the same sweater, paired with a shorter, ruched skirt on the bottom. Different skirt, same va-va-voom message!

What do you think of Kimmy’s rebound look?

Source: Kim Kardashian on Instagram