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Kim Kardashian has gotten famous for starring on a few reality TV shows. But what shows does Kim herself watch? We have a feeling you're going to be surprised!

Kim was asked that very question by a fan on Mobio INsider. "What TV shows do you watch?" the fan asks.

In response, Kim writes, "I love investigating shows like Dateline, Forensic Files, I Survived..."

As you may know, Dateline is a long-running newsmagazine show on NBC. Forensic Files, which was canceled in 2011, shows how forensic science is used to solve crimes and mysteries.

Meanwhile, I Survived... premiered on Lifetime in 2008 and focuses on real-life stories of how people survived life-threatening situations, along with dramatic reenactments. 

We don't blame you if you're a bit surprised by Kim's three choices. None of them are particularly trendy shows, and neither Forensic Files nor I Survived... have aired new episodes in quite some time. 

Still, Kim has always had an interest in law enforcement, and it also makes sense that she would be fascinated with solving crimes, given that her dad was an attorney. 

Are you surprised by Kim's favorite shows? Or do you think she has some guilty-pleasure shows that she isn't divulging?

Source: Kim on Mobio INsider