Credit: Instagram

It’s no secret Kim Kardashian has always had a bangin’ body, but after seeing her latest Throwback Thursday Instagram, we’re speechless save for one word: DAYUM.

The reality star, who has been flaunting a stunning post-baby body these days, is sending the message that she doesn’t just look good now... she always has. Message received, Kimmy. Sporting a studded bikini bottom, thigh-high leather boots, and a cropped leather jacket adorned with tons of grommets and fringe, you might notice something missing from Kim’s ride-or-die ensemble: her shirt and bra.

The pic appears to be a behind-the-scenes look at a photo shoot for a sexy pinup calendar. We’re not sure what month this look was for, but we’re guessing it’s one of the hot ones. Get it? Cuz she looks hot? *groan*

While Kim typically wears a bit more clothing than this, she’s definitely been enjoying some midriff-baring fashions of late, likely as a reward for all her hard work shedding her baby weight at the gym (and perhaps in defiance of all the people who teased her during her pregnancy). The reality star cites her discipline in the gym, as well as a low-carb diet, as the secrets to her weight loss success.

What do you think — is Kim as hot today as she was yesterday, or is she even hotter now?

Source: Kim Kardashian on Instagram