Kim Kardashian’s bodacious bod may make it difficult for her to find flattering off-the-rack styles, while her unquenchable thirst for luxury makes it nearly impossible for her to enjoy anything less than the best  — so what’s a girl to do?

If you’re a multimillionaire like Kim, the answer is simple: hire a full-time tailor to make sure your assets are always camera-ready.

In Touch reports that, in addition to her team of stylists, makeup artists, managers, lawyers, and publicists, Kim has enlisted the help of a staff tailor to ensure her wardrobe of designer clothes always compliments her curves.

“She spends hours getting ready and selecting her outfits,” reveals a source close to Kim.

Kim’s main concern when picking an outfit? Her prominent posterior.

“She gets her clothes tailored especially to accommodate her butt,” adds the source, who claims that Kim can take hours to pick clothes to wear for a casual lunch.

“She’d rather squeeze into something and say she’s a size smaller than be comfortable."

While Kim’s desire to look perfect may be at the source of her fashion dilemmas, her curvy figure certainly makes things more difficult for the star.

“Kim has a size 4 waist and size 10 bottom, so she often has to buy a size up and have jeans taken in at the waist for a snug fit,” another source reveals. However, with the help of her new right-hand man, Kim can be prepped for the paparazzi in no time.

Having a tailor on hand “means Kim can buy jeans, have them altered and be photographed in them within a matter of hours,” says the pal.

Source: In Touch