Kim Kardashian’s proposal from Kanye West, which played out on a recent episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, was gorgeous, elegant, and over the top — the one question is: was it real?

While Kim seemed to be genuinely thrilled about proposal number three, having nearly perfected her surprised face to Taylor Swift levels, it seems as though it may not have been the shock she pretended it was.

During the same episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians in which Kanye proposes to Kim, the reality queen is shown wearing her engagement ring, although the scene allegedly took place a week before Kanye asked her to marry him.

While we’re not entirely shocked to find out that reality TV isn’t always 100% real — The Hills, anyone? — it does seem like surprisingly sloppy editing on the part of the producers, although this isn’t the first time the show’s encountered this problem.

Back when Kim was on hubby number two, her ex, Kris Humphries, allegedly believed that he wasn’t the only victim of the show’s tricky editing.

“Kris says that Kim’s reality shows are a total sham,” a source revealed. “He doesn’t think there is anything real about the shows at all. Kris thinks that Khloe is truly the only authentic one among the Kardashian sisters.”

Are you surprised that Kim’s proposal may not have been a surprise?