Credit: Kim Kardashian on Instagram

Kim Kardashian is one of the most bankable reality stars of all time, but could she be spending outside of her means? That’s the way an anonymous family friend tells it to Life & Style.

With an estimated net worth of $40 million, Kimmy’s certainly no pauper but, like much of America, it seems she might be living a little larger than her wealth would warrant. Between the mounting renovation costs on the Bel Air mansion she purchased last year with Kanye West, her expensive taste when it comes to clothes, and her budgetless wedding, Kim’s estimated monthly expenses are around $1 million a month.

Why is Kim going so overboard with her spending? Insiders indicate it might have to do with “trying to keep up with” Kanye’s lavish tastes. “She’s the rich version of living paycheck to paycheck,” the source claims. Perhaps that explains why Kim has been accepting gigs like her $500,000 date with Austrian businessman Richard Lugner to the Vienna Opera Ball.

Thankfully, it doesn’t seem like Kim’s well is in any danger of drying up. With her lucrative brand, product endorsements, and a husband-to-be who’s pretty flush himself, we doubt she’s on the verge of ending up out on the street with a shopping cart full of furs and Alaia dresses.

Source: Life & Style

Credit: AOL Photo: Kim Kardashian Blowing $1 Million a Month (VIDEO)