Kim Kardashian’s Risky Birth — Where on TV Have You Seen It Before?
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Downton Abbey

Kim Kardashian’s Risky Birth — Where on TV Have You Seen It Before?

Kim Kardashian is now the proud mama of her first child, but by all reports, the reality star did not have an easy time giving birth! Kim shocked everyone by going into labor five weeks early in what can only be described as an “emotional, harrowing night.”

Details on about what exactly went wrong are still under wraps, but the New York Daily News has a theory about what may have been ailing Kim. Judging from our own medical skills (honed by hours and hours of watching television) we think they’re on the right track. Kim’s exact same pregnancy complications played out on screen just months ago — but sadly with much more heartbreaking consequences.

Kim Kardashian’s Risky Birth — Where on TV Have You Seen It Before?
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NYDN reports that Kim’s early labor might have been the result of preeclampsia, a potentially life-threatening medical condition that is often characterized by high blood pressure. Fans of the British historical drama Downton Abbey will instantly recognize it as the condition that ultimately took the life of fan-favorite character Sybil (Jessica Brown Findlay).

During Downton’s most recent season, the beloved youngest daughter died just hours after childbirth due to complications from the condition. It’s a gut-wrenching scene, with Sybil going into convulsions as her entire family helplessly watches her die. Luckily for Kim Kardashian, medicine has advanced in leaps and bounds since Downton’s 1920s, so the reality star’s risky pregnancy did not end in her ultimate demise.

In both Kim’s real-life case and Sybil’s fictional one, each baby survived. Sybil’s young daughter will be happy and healthy during Downton Abbey Season 4, and Kim’s little girl — though she was put in an incubator to help keep her body temperature in control — is overall healthy.

Kim Kardashian’s Risky Birth — Where on TV Have You Seen It Before?
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It should be noted that Kim hasn’t confirmed anything about preeclampsia, but the reality star did have visibly swollen ankles throughout much of her last month of pregnancy. This, when combined with other symptoms, can often be an indicator of the condition.

Honestly, we’re just shocked to discover any sort of connection between two shows as different as Downton and Keeping Up With The Kardashians. So while Kim’s huge hospital ordeal won’t air on TV until the season finale, you can start mentally preparing by watching Season 3 of Downton all over again.

That said, we probably won’t be joining your viewing party. We can’t watch that Downton scene without bursting into tears...and if you’d ever seen us ugly cry before, you’d know that probably isn’t something worth repeating.

Source: New York Daily News, Pregnancy Corner

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