Kim Kardashian’s Painful Pregnancy Keep Her From Having Another Baby?
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Kim Kardashian’s Painful Pregnancy Keep Her From Having Another Baby?

Extra! Extra! Kim Kardashian’s a mom! The reality star went into labor last Friday, and Kanye West became a father on Saturday (just in time for Father's Day!). It’s a very happy ending to Kim’s pregnancy story, but after seeing what Kim went through during the last eight months, we’re betting she won’t be rushing to have another baby in the near future.

In Sunday night’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim had to be rushed to the hospital after experiencing excruciating pain on a flight. As she landed in Los Angeles, her mom Kris Jenner rushed to meet her to the hospital.

“It hurts so badly. I can hardly walk,” Kim told her mom.

Lying on a gurney, Kim told her doctor that she felt like she was in labor. “I hate it so much!” she wailed. “This is so painful!’

But it got worse. “If labor’s worse than this, I’ll hang myself,” Kim said. “I’ll literally take a knife and slit my throat!”

Of course, that was just the pain talking, but it sounds pretty horrible! We’re glad she pulled through, and now that Kim has her little girl in her arms, we’re sure she’s not thinking about anything else.

But to anyone who will soon be waiting anxiously for Kim to get pregnant again (we’re looking at you, tabloids!), we say: don’t hold your breath! Kim's got a little girl to enjoy, and she's probably not anxious to go through that again any time soon.