Kim Richards: Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Always Dismiss Me
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kim Richards: Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Always Dismiss Me

On this week's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 finale, Kim Richards tries to apologize to Lisa Vanderpump's husband Ken, but they basically ignore her. Now, Kim is making it clear that she did not appreciate that response.

During the fight in Puerto Rico, Kim referred to Ken as stubborn and old. But she later regretted what she said, so she apologized at the finale party. "I apologized to Ken and Lisa for Puerto Rico, but they dismissed me, as usual," Kim writes in her Bravo blog.

Kim adds that she was bothered by Ken telling Joyce Giraud that she's from a different planet. "Hearing Ken say I am strange and from another planet definitely hurts my feelings," she continues. "I feel sad that he has to put me down for who I am, but it truly does not affect me." Way to go, Kim!

We can understand that Kim would be hurt by Ken brushing off her apology and saying she's from another planet. Sure, Ken is right to be hurt by Kim's comments, but we would have preferred that he take the high road.

Do you think Ken should have been more accepting of Kim's apology? Or was his reaction justified?

Source: Kim's Bravo blog