Kim Richards on Lisa Vanderpump’s Faint: “It Was Not Real”
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kim Richards on Lisa Vanderpump’s Faint: “It Was Not Real”

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards is not mincing words when it comes to her views on Lisa Vanderpump's faint.

"On our way to the luncheon, the girls and I discussed our thoughts on Lisa's faint on Dancing With the Stars," Kim writes in her Bravo blog. "We playfully joked that we thought it was overly dramatic and almost seemed a little fake. I know this may have come across as rude and mean-spirited, but at the end of the day we were really just 'laughing with her,' as you say."

"As Brandi did say, it was a very graceful fall indeed, but in my opinion, it was not real," Kim adds. "I learned last week that Lisa announced that she had suffered in the past from anemia and fainting. This was something that I had not known. If this is the case, then I don't think dancing is cut out for her. If it was real, then I apologize for my suspicions, and if it wasn't, then I commend her for a beautiful fall."

Kim says she was "bothered" by Brandi Glanville bringing up the rumors of Mauricio cheating on Kyle Richards. "It is very difficult to be in this [reality-show] world and not be hurt by the rumors and comments that people make up," she says. "There is a time and place for everything, and that conversation should have never been brought up."

Meanwhile, it sounds like Kim doesn't think Brandi and on-again, off-again boyfriend JR are meant to be. "I think he is a great guy, but this maybe isn't the right relationship for her at this point in her life," Kim writes.

Speaking of guys, when are we going to see Kim Richards play the field a little bit on the show? We're crossing our fingers!

Source: Kim's Bravo blog